Shah's glassesBorn in Bangladesh, that vibrant nation surrounded by India, Shahriar Rahman grew up on top of a mountain in Saudi Arabia where he had more exposure to international cultures than to movies or TV.  At age fifteen, he moved with his parents -both doctors- to New York where young Shahriar initially pursued a medical career.  Surprisingly for a science geek, he was bitten by the film bug halfway into his college career.  To the horror of his struggling immigrant parents, Shahriar found himself at his college’s film department making movies on 16mm -albeit after completing his medical internships.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production in 2001, Shahriar was one of ten mentees selected for Independent Feature Project’s Project Involve mentorship program. After completing his apprenticeship, Shahriar happily supported his fledgling editing career by such odd jobs as restaurant busboy and cable TV installer. His reputation in New York grew as he was promoted to Chief Editor at two stations. At the age of 26, Shahriar was selected as Chief of Production of an international satellite channel. His duties included managing the production and post-production operations of a fast-paced, 24-hour news and entertainment network. He went on to edit over a hundred projects for ethnic stations, including commercials, promos, and TV programs.  His direction credits includes 76 episodes of TV shows, five music videos, and several short films.

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Audio interview on Voice of America featuring “Healing Life,” his feature film debut with Fathema Shahab Ruma and Zahed Sharif. In Bangla