MUSIC VIDEO: “He is Not a Kid” (in Bengali)

In the spring of 2009, rock/alternative artist Upol approached me to direct a music video condemning the corruption of youth. The Bengali title of the song, “Pola to Noi,” is a reference to a famous song by Mumtaj. In contrast to the cheekiness of the original, Upol’s lyrics spoke of the disenchantment of youth culture, and the words were meant to provoke social change. When conceiving the story, Upol asked me to feature a fashion show of some kind. I developed the idea of a bordello and focused on one of its young victims. I was fortunate on this video on two levels; we procured a warehouse location with all the visual settings required for our idea, and my agile DP -John Hudak- and his crew were able to set up shots instantly. We shot the video in two days, and the rain that fell the second day turned out to be an advantage for us as it reinforced our protagonist’s sense of hopelessness and entrapment. Quite remarkably, I edited all the RED footage (like the other music video featuring Upol and Tukushmoni, “Dance, Dance”) on my three-year-old Macbook Pro laptop.

The music video and the lyrics proved to be so controversial that after several attempts to have it shown publicly, it was banned from broadcast by all major channels in Bangladesh.


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