Logo Design for IMAX 3D

[jwplayer config=”Shahs Website_2″ file=videos/MelraeLogov1.mov /]

I conceived and designed this logo in 4K resolution for IMAX 3D dome specifications. The IMAX 3D dome format, which uses a 4:3 aspect ratio, aims to immerse the audience by wrapping the visuals around viewers in special dome theaters. Since the image takes up almost all of the front viewable area, the design guidelines require that all elements to be focused be placed slightly above center and scaled down much smaller than if they were to be used in designs for conventional theatrical projects. Thus, the logo size at the end of this piece appears small when viewed in a non-dome setting.

Since the original animation was designed in 4:3 aspect ratio, it had been cropped for 16:9 viewing in this video.


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