Hyde and Sikh

In 2004, several of my colleagues and I came together to compete in a filmmaking contest. As it turned out, I would work with this team -which usually included Andy Brown, Rizwain Manji, and others- for several contests over the next few years. Our first contest was the 1st Annual 72hr Film Shootout hosted by the Asian American Filmlab in New York. At the begining of the 72hrs, teams were given the theme “hide and seek.” During the memorable -and comedic- brainstorming session, we chose to go beyond the obvious interpretation of the subject and came up with the following premise: Hyde’s Sikh girlfriend, Sarina, breaks up with him under pressure from her parents to find a Sikh husband. A distraught but determined Hyde then finds a way to transform himself in the ideal husband for Sarina. Therefore, the story is about “Hyde and Sikh.”

*Winner in 2004 72hr NYC Film Shootout.


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