Twins: The Sam and Chris Story

In 2005, my usual team including Andy Brown and others competed in the second annual 72 hour Film Shootout hosted by the Asian American Filmlab. The teams all met in one location to hear the subject and were assigned to make films on the topic of “A.K.A.” The contest required that films be no longer than 6 minutes in length and be submitted for review precisely three days later. We decided to stray from the norm and film a mockumentary involving two blind “brothers” who are raised to believe that they are identical twins. Sam and Chris in fact are not even in the same race, but their caring friends and family won’t tell them!


A note about contests:
Film contest videos -made with a fraction of the resources of a usual short film- often have no place in a portfolio website, but I include these here not simply out of nostalgia. Physically and creatively challenging, these contests demand the greatest in the filmmaking process: collaboration in a tightly-knitted team to deliver, within time and budget, a technically polished, creative concept that entertains an audience in minutes. I spent no more than two days editing the contest videos I participated in.

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