Modern Day Outlaw

In 2004, three colleagues -with whom I often worked in filmmaking contests- and I decided to compete in the Midnight Movie Madness contest in New York. Competing teams were required to make a film within 48 hours on an assigned topic within a genre of the team’s choosing. Our team, lead by Andy Brown, chose Western as the genre, and were given the subject “a modern day outlaw gets chased down.” We decided to play with the concept and within hours came up with the idea for a commercial spoof: a meek gambler gets confidence from Modern Day Outlaw’s line of alcoholic beverages. The outlaw is whiskey. The chaser is beer!

Our loving, tongue-in-cheek homage to spaghetti westerns uses a famous Ennio Morricone soundtrack and Leone-style whip-zooms to eyes.
*Honorable Mention in Western category.


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