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“Seven, Five” (Bengali title “Shaat Paanch”) is a comedy variety show written and directed by artist Tipu Alam. The title is a Bengali colloquial term along the lines of “helter, skelter.” The director sought a one-man crew, and I performed all technical duties -lighting, sound, camera, editing- without any assistance on this show. The show open, which I designed to match the satirical lyrics, makes fun of “polite culture.” Not having visuals for the last few lines of the song, I suggested on using 3D typography with the words from the lyrics. Writing in Bengali type was difficult, as most design softwares don’t support it. However, the finished product stands out as being one of the few examples of Bengali 3D typography set to a song.

Considering our limitations, I am proud of the keying I achieved on the host. I lit him and the chroma-screen with only three cheap scoop lights from a hardware store. Also, we shot with a DVX-100, a standard definition camera with interlacing that resulted in jagged edges, making such keying painful. I was able to tweak Primatte Keyer Pro to give the professional looking results here.

I end this excerpt with a mostly-English piece on a particular 24-hour food-cart vendor, a New York city phenomenon that has intrigued me since my college days when we would go there to eat after clubbing. The director took my suggestion and included this piece on this episode of the show. We waited until 4am and I shot the footage then using only my on-camera light.


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