MUSIC VIDEO: “Dance, Dance” (In Bengali)

“Dance, Dance,” (Bengali title: “Naacho, Naacho”) is the second music video I directed for artist Upol and producer Lenin. The song is about overcoming insurmountable obstacles to achieve self-empowerment and happiness. I honored Upol’s vision by suggesting an idea steeped in symbolism, with an ending that is open to interpretation. Shooting this two weeks after the wrap of Upol’s first video “He is Not a Kid,” this video was a challenge. We shot the video in two days. We shot all the bluescreen shots the first day. The second day we shot in three locations. This proved to be a logistical challenge as the significant crew and cast was divided in two units and distributed among several cars and a grip truck moving back and forth from a Long Island beach to two locations in Queens, NY. I composited the rotating 360-degree shots on 3D sets rendered in Cinema 4D. I am proud to have been able to edit all the RED footage, render all the 3D environments, and online the HD video on my three-year-old Macbook Pro.


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