The following small clip from my reel gives a peek into some of my recent compositing work involving fire and smoke. The latter example shows some beauty work.

Please click on the following thumbnails to view Before-and-After stills from three recent projects on which I served as either VFX artist or Davinci Resolve colorist. These skin correction examples were done using Davinci, which I often use in tandem with a suite of beauty plugins for After Effects. I am skilled with skin smoothing and enhancement, blemish removal, and selective coloring or enhancement of eyes.

Below are links to the music videos which have been referenced by the images above. I composited all the smoke and fire effects -along with the sky replacement- in the following music video, including the smoldering building at 00:09.

KAYA, “Release the Energy”

For smoke effects in the following video, please view from 02:31 onward.

Panic! At the Disco. “Ms. Jackson”

Finally, I composited the fire and embers in the following video with the aid of another artist. The first fire effect, on the hands, occur at 00:16.

Sean Paul, “Touch the Sky”

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