TWO PROMOS: “Bangla Invasion” & “I Want to Know”

"Bangla Invasion" was a magazine show on STV profiling people with inspirational success stories. It was produced and hosted by Fathema Shahab Ruma. I directed and edited -and in most cases did the lighting/cinematography for- every episode without the help of assistants. All in all, twelve episodes of the show were aired. The show was difficult to execute as every shoot was on location and I attempted to exercise creativity in my lighting schemes and framing.

"I Want to Know" was directed and narrated by Fathema Shahab Ruma and Harold Gomez. I edited the shows and did much of the cinematography for the second episode. I am very proud of this work. Although the show attracted acclaim, it got cancelled due to one of the producer's early departure from STV.


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