3D MUSIC VIDEO: Sean Paul’s “Touch the Sky”

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“Touch the Sky” is one of the first American music videos featuring a major artist that is both filmed and released in 3D. The video was commissioned by Samsung, a company known for its investment in 3D technology. For these reasons, both expectations and stress levels were high on this project. As lead designer and visual effects artist, my greatest challenge was to deliver an eye-catching video embodying the director’s vision within the limited resources we had – in less than a month, and in 3D no less. The director wanted to honor not only Sean Paul’s Jamaican and reggae roots, but he also desired to reference futurist design associated with dance and techno music. My final design melds regional reggae dance moves with Minority Report-style hand-to-GUI interfaces and outer space. Eclecticism at its best.

For more about the video, please visit: www.allseanpaul.com/news/sean-paul-touch-sky-music-video-3d-70461. The screenshots from the music video below feature my design work. A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video is also included below.

The video was filmed using two Alexa cameras in a mirrored 3D rig. My aim was to create effects never before seen in 3D, in a manner that utilized 3D space to create an immersive experience for the viewer. I relied on my previous experience as Stereoscopic 3D Compositor on such theatrical films as Harry Potter and The Smurfs. I also applied techniques I developed as designer of GUI interfaces for the IMAX 3D film Space Junk, released earlier in the year. I took calculated risks with many of my designs as I had only my intuition and design sense to rely on to approximate how they would look in 3D. Eventually, I commissioned two artists, Lucas De La Torre and Joy Pae-Delboy, to help design the shots featuring the fire and spark effects.

Once I got approval on the 2D version of the video, which is the released version included above, I worked for a week to complete the 3D conversion of 180 effect shots to meet Samsung’s deadline.

Directed by Davy Duhamel
Produced by Joyce Washington, BLVD. Industries



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