MUSIC VIDEO: Kaya’s “Release the Energy”

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“Release the Energy” is a title in the debut solo album of Kaya Jones, who parted from the group Pussycat Dolls to embark on her solo musical career. Director Davy Duhamel approached me to design the visual effects for the music video, which had 120 visual effects shots. The challenge was to do complete the effects work and color grade in three weeks. The video was shot on a bright, sunny day, which made achieving the post-apocalyptic look difficult. I worked around the clock, utilizing different compositing techniques as the challenges were unique to every shot. Artist Carlos Aldana designed the visual effects for the wide dance shots specifically. The sky replacement was especially daunting; Kaya’s wispy blond highlights were needed to be rotoscoped from the white clouds behind her in the many shots.

Directed by Davy Duhamel
Produced by Catherine Lombardo, BLVD Industries


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